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Anatomy of an Immigration Officer: The Subtle Art of Reading Your Case Officer’s Mind

“I probably have mildly sociopathic tendencies” – Christopher Levingston, former Immigration officer The Immigration Department is pretty fond of ethnic (and other) profiling. Immigration officers analyse the behaviours of past visa applicants and visa holders to predict future visa applicant/holder behaviour.  And they adjust their requirements and scrutiny accordingly.    So, we thought we’d turn the […]

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Is Big Immigration Watching You?

It can feel like you’re being bombarded daily with alarming news stories of “Big Brother” surveillance and data breaches.   Google reading email.  Facebook selling data for profit.  Wikileaks spying on government spying on the rest of us.  But what does this have to do with immigration and visa applications?   So much. So much, in fact, that if you’re going […]

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