Ariel Brott



Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law

Registered Migration Agent Number 1174856


Telephone: 1800 491 797

I care about my clients deeply. And I hope to make a difference in an industry that not only changes lives but changes our nation.

Australia is a country of immigrants and we are the richer for it. We are also a country ruled by law, and I believe everyone - and I mean everyone - deserves to have their case put forward as tenaciously as possible, leaving nothing to chance. 

I have had the privilege of helping individuals and companies from almost every country in the world. 

Maybe I can help you.

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Qualifications & Experience

While I have broad experience in all areas of Australian immigration law, I chiefly focus on helping busy HR professionals manage corporate visa applications and compliance.

I am a graduate of the University of Melbourne, where I was awarded the Spero Wilson Memorial Scholarship for topping the Law Faculty in Migration Law.

I was admitted as a lawyer in 2003 and, after several years in corporate law, first registered as a migration agent in 2007.

In 2016 the Law Institute of Victoria accredited me a Specialist in Immigration Law.

I am regularly invited to speak and write on immigration issues, and have been asked to comment on immigration matters in publications including the Australian Financial Review, SBS, Smart Company, HRM Magazine and Human Capital Magazine. 

Professional Appointments

Other Interests

Prior to becoming a father, I led an orderly life in which I enjoyed reading, gardening, sports and adequate sleep.

Law Council of Australia, Immigration Law Conference 2017

Rainer Varga

If you are looking for a professional lawyer, Ariel is your guy!

From the first meeting I knew he would deliver results. Previously, I have hesitated using lawyers because I have failed to find them trustworthy. Ariel has managed to completely change my opinion; with his transparency, vast knowledge, and positivity, he managed to make me feel at ease and comfortable to open up and fully work with him. He was always well-presented and one step ahead; I truly admire his critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Thank you for your hard work, Ariel! You are a true expert in what you do and an amazing human to boot. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into my case!

Get started on your case today by scheduling a consultation with an accredited specialist immigration lawyer.

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Get started on your case today by scheduling a consultation with an accredited specialist immigration lawyer.

Tap to call on 1800 491 797 or click the button below to book online.