How Much is This Going to Cost?

Worried about migration agent fees? Don’t be. 

We are not like other agents or lawyers.

Results, Not Minutes

Lawyers and migration agents typically charge their fees on the basis of time - stinging you in 6 minute increments for every email, every call, every photocopy etc.

This form of billing is quite unique in that it disincentivises efficient work, simply because the lawyers who take the most time, will also get paid the most.

We get that you're not interested in buying our time - and we are not selling it. Instead, we focus on the same thing you do: results.

No Mysteries, No Nasty Surprises

You already have enough to worry about, without having to guess what this is going to cost or whether you are going to run out of money before the work is complete.

When you do get your bill, there should be no nasty surprises. 

You should not have to assume the risk of an unpredictable billing model. Rather, your immigration lawyer should take on that risk, because as professionals who have been doing this every day for many years, we are in a better position to assess that risk, and ought to know what it is going to cost.  

Fixed Fees

When you meet with Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers, we will quote you a simple fixed fee based on your personal circumstances and objectives - no two matters are the same.

By being completely transparent about our fees, you will know from the outset exactly what you can expect to pay, and need not check your bank balance every time you want to talk to your lawyer about your application. 

Your Money Belongs to You, Not Our Trust Account

If an immigration lawyer or migration agent instructs you to deposit money in their trust account prior to undertaking any work - run!

At Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers, you are treated as a valued client, not a hostage held to ransom.

We never ask for any money upfront. We haven't earned it yet. And we do not believe you should have to pay a cent until we have provided value for money - by doing exactly what we have promised. 

australian immigration visa

australian immigration visa

Have You Received an Adverse Decision?
Most people do not expect to be refused. It seems reasonable to assume that good people, with good intentions should not have any problems.
But in practice, that’s not how our immigration system works. As such, people often find themselves unexpectedly fighting for their lives against what they know to be an unjust decision. The problem is, if your decision-maker did not know it, who else will? And how?
Tough questions need to be asked: how well do you really understand the legislative criteria, caselaw and policy upon which such decisions are made? How well did you (or your representative) communicate your case?
You Do Not Need to Accept an Unfair Decision
Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers understands that when you decide to get a decision overturned or revoked, you cannot afford to make any false moves, that it may be your last real chance.
We represent clients in all forums, seeking to overturn decisions via:
•    Applications for internal review or revocation
•    Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
•    Federal Circuit Court
•    Federal Court
•    High Court
•    Applications for Ministerial intervention
Time is of the Essence
Reviews and appeals are, with few exceptions,subject to very tight deadlines. If you have received an adverse decision, you should explore your options immediately, before time runs out. A few days can make all the difference.
To get started, call +613 9123 1234 or click on the button below to book your consultation online.

Evan Resnik

We would like to thank you for your help and support we received recently. You were able to put our minds at ease and we appreciate the sound advice you gave us and the results we were looking for. We intend to pass on your details to our friends living in South Africa for their immigration needs.

Get started on your case today by scheduling a consultation with an accredited specialist immigration lawyer.

Call now on 1800 491 797, or click the button below to book online.

Get started on your case today by scheduling a consultation with an accredited specialist immigration lawyer.

Tap to call on 1800 491 797, or click the button below to book online.