Complex Referrals

Skilled, Working and Investor Visas

Are You an Immigration Lawyer or Migration Agent?

Immigration law is complex, it is constantly changing, and much is at stake. If you feel out of your depth, Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers can provide specialist assistance to ensure your clients’ matters are handled properly. We provide accurate, timely and cost-effective advice on a confidential basis.

Live and Work in Australia
Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers can help you secure a visa with working rights, as well as pathways to permanent residency. We have expertise with the following visas:
•    Business Innovation and Investment visas (subclass 188, 888) (Business Innovation, Investor, Significant Investor)
•    Business Talent visas(subclass 132)
•    Investor Retirement visas (subclass 405)
•    Skilled Independent visas(subclass 189), including for New Zealand citizens seeking permanent residency
•    Skilled - Nominated visas(subclass 190)
•    Skilled Regional visas (subclass 489, 887)
•    Working Holiday visas (subclass 417) and Work & Holiday visas (subclass 462)
•    Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)
•    Temporary Work (International Relations) visas (subclass 403)
•    Temporary Work (Skilled) visas (subclass 457)
•    Employer Nomination Scheme visas (ENS) (subclass 186)
•    Regional Skilled Migration Scheme visas (RSMS) (subclass 187)
•    Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visas (subclass 400)
•    Temporary Activity visas (subclass 408)
•    Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visas (not yet in effect)
•    Bridging visas & work rights