What Our Clients Say About Us

Evan Resnik

We would like to thank you for your help and support we received recently. You were able to put our minds at ease and we appreciate the sound advice you gave us and the results we were looking for. We intend to pass on your details to our friends living in South Africa for their immigration needs.

Rainer Varga

If you are looking for a professional lawyer, Ariel is your guy!

From the first meeting I knew he would deliver results. Previously, I have hesitated using lawyers because I have failed to find them trustworthy. Ariel has managed to completely change my opinion; with his transparency, vast knowledge, and positivity, he managed to make me feel at ease and comfortable to open up and fully work with him. He was always well-presented and one step ahead; I truly admire his critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Thank you for your hard work, Ariel! You are a true expert in what you do and an amazing human to boot. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into my case!

Guy Rushiniak

When I was applying for a citizenship for my kids, I got a little confused by all the bureaucracy.

Ariel Brott guided me step by step and made everything look very simple- while maintaining a very kind and supportive attitude. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with Australian immigration to acquire his assistance- a 5 stars service, without any doubt

Talita L. Leardini

Ariel was one of the best indications I’ve received. I was very cautious to choose one lawyer to help me with my immigration process and he exceeded my expectations. He arranged an immigration plan for me and he also gave me all support I need.

Besides all the shared knowledge, support and attention, Ariel gave me the most important thing : hope.

Thank you Ariel once again for all

Paul MacKenzie

Ariel has provided intimate knowledge of the immigration system. That along with unwavering support has been essential in securing a visa from the Philippines. One of the more difficult countries to secure.

Stefan S

“I got into contact with Ariel when me and my girlfriend were looking to to take our relationship to the next level. She was here in Australia on a student visa and she still had some time left in her course, which was a problem for us because we wanted to start our lives without the burden of studying. I was recommended to Ariel by a friend and I immediately got into contact with him.

From the beginning, Ariel was very honest and very helpful. He laid out all of our options and was upfront with us about the journey we would have to take. He explain all of our possible options and was very detailed and informative when doing so. He explained the pros and the cons, and gave us his recommendations for the best possible outcome for our specific situation.

For anyone needing legal advice on immigration and the like, I would highly recommend Ariel as we found him very honest, very knowledgable on the law and highly informative on all of our concerns and queries.”

Leonard Collins Chairman, Omnigon

We at Omnigon Pty Ltd highly recommend Ariel Brott for his persistence and achievement in obtaining Australian residency for our staff. Ariel went beyond the call of normal working hours lodging requests just before midnight on occasions and generally closely following up with Immigration Dept until success. He is extremely professional, but easy to work with and kept us completely up to date on progress. I personally, will use no other than Ariel for future needs.

Get started on your case today by scheduling a consultation with an accredited specialist immigration lawyer.

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Get started on your case today by scheduling a consultation with an accredited specialist immigration lawyer.

Tap to call on 1800 491 797, or click the button below to book online.