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Immigration Lawyer & Migration Agent

in Melbourne, Sydney & further afield.

Your Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer & Migration Agent

in Melbourne, Sydney and further afield..


*We remain open and are meeting clients by phone or video during COVID-19/coronavirus restrictions

Need Immigration Advice?

You have an immigration matter and you need answers. Your matter is serious, you need it handled, and failure is not an option.

Perhaps you have sought answers online or from others, and have only become more confused. Or maybe you thought you had the answers, but the advice was wrong, or the law changed, or you got refused and you do not understand why.

You are not alone.

Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers has the specialist experience and expertise to secure your immigration strategy. Immigration is all we do, and we do it singularly well, advocating for you relentlessly with every tool at our disposal.

How To Stack the Odds Back in Your Favour 

The Immigration Department has teams of immigration lawyers working for them, and you should have one too. Unrepresented applicants have far lower rates of success.

We understand what is at stake for you, whether it is your future, that of your family or your company. Don’t leave that future in the hands of a faceless public servant who does not know you or what this means to you.

Let us communicate with your decision-maker, using a language they understand, and points of law they are compelled to follow.

We will fight for your rights, presenting a mountain of carefully curated evidence coupled with meticulously researched legal submissions, to make it as easy as possible for your decision-maker to grant your application, and as difficult as possible to refuse.

4 Reasons Our Clients Love Us (seriously)

Don't Pay A Cent Until You Know We Can Help You

We think it’s crazy to ask someone to pay for initial advice from someone (even an Accredited Specialist) they’ve never met, for a matter that may have no prospects to begin with. So we invite you to undertake a free case review, so we can evaluate your prospects and let you know whether we can help, before you pay a single cent.

Experience and Results Matter. That's Why We're Number One

Our staff has many years of experience with Australian visas and helping businesses and ordinary people secure the best outcomes possible for their immigration matters.

We know what success looks like. We know what it means to beat "impossible" odds.

We know the difference between the Immigration Department’s advice, the advice you get on the internet, advice from inexperienced immigration agents or migration lawyers - and then the advice that will actually help you.

Your Matter Deserves An Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer

The type of adviser you choose to represent you will greatly influence the outcome of your application. 

When you work with Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers, your matter will be taken care of personally by an Accredited Specialist immigration lawyer. There are many migration agents and lawyers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, but only about a third have legal training, and less than 2% have been accredited as immigration specialists.

To become an Accredited Specialist, one must first qualify as a lawyer, then accumulate no less than five years of experience, before attempting to sit the Law Institute's notoriously difficult oral and written examinations. Most candidates fail. For the few lawyers who pass,  they must undertake rigorous ongoing training additional to that required of other immigration lawyers, in order to maintain their accreditation.

When your application is prepared by an accredited specialist, the decision-maker should be on notice that there will be consequences for any defects in their decision-making, or any failure to have proper regard for the facts of your case and the intricate laws and procedures that regulate it.

Specialist assistance should give you the greatest chance of a swift, successful immigration outcome, and ultimately it will save you from costly mistakes. 

Don’t settle for anything less.

Timely, Cost-Effective, Fixed-Fee Solutions

Lawyers have a bad reputation largely due to their standard hourly billing model. The less efficient they are in conducting your work, the more they are able to charge.

 Time-based billing also makes it difficult to gauge your final costs. It’s a bit like signing a blank cheque.

At Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers, we treat every client as a partner, not a cashcow to be milked by the minute.

In general, we do not believe in charging for questions, phone calls or emails, or sneaky add-ons like printing and photocopying at $1 a page. And unlike most law firms, our team of lawyers are not under pressure to bill a minimum number of hours per day.

Instead, we quote you a reasonable fixed fee from the outset, so that you know in advance exactly what you are committing to, and need not hesitate to communicate with your immigration lawyer for fear of extra charges.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Leonard Collins Chairman, Omnigon

We at Omnigon Pty Ltd highly recommend Ariel Brott for his persistence and achievement in obtaining Australian residency for our staff. Ariel went beyond the call of normal working hours lodging requests just before midnight on occasions and generally closely following up with Immigration Dept until success. He is extremely professional, but easy to work with and kept us completely up to date on progress. I personally, will use no other than Ariel for future needs.

It’s Never Too Early to Get Good Advice 

Apart from experience and expertise, time is one of the most important elements of an immigration strategy.


  • Deadlines expire
  • Laws change
  • Your circumstances may change
  • ​Eligibility lists are updated
  • ​Thresholds become more strict
  • Visa subclasses are replaced
  • Quotas are imposed
  • Preparation might need to start months or years in advance

In other words, opportunities come and go, and these will not always be obvious to you. Sometimes a few days can make all the difference. 

Get started on your case today by scheduling a consultation with an accredited specialist immigration lawyer.

Call now on 1800 491 797, or click the button below to book online.

Get started on your case today by scheduling a consultation with an accredited specialist immigration lawyer in Melbourne.

Tap to call on 1800 491 797, or click the button below to book online.

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