Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Checklist – Visa Application

Ariel Brott

PLEASE NOTE: These documents relate to general situations only, and each application will differ and may require different documents. If you are not sure about your personal circumstances we recommend you seek further advice.



 Documents and evidence required

Sponsorship requirements

The employer (or associated entity) must either be an approved TSS Sponsor, or have lodged an application to become an approved TSS Sponsor. 

Take a look at our TSS Sponsor information and also our TSS Sponsor checklist.



 Documents and evidence required

Nomination requirements

A Nomination should first be prepared and lodged. Take a look at our TSS Nomination information and also our TSS Nomination checklist.

Visa Application - Common Requirements


 Documents and evidence required

Approved nomination

A Nomination should first be prepared and lodged.

Visa conditions

Ensure the applicant is not subject to any exclusionary periods or application bars under s48 or “no further stay” conditions.


Passports for each person included in the application.

Other ID documents

If anyone in the application has changed their name, a copy of the relevant name change or legal document.

Skill Requirement

  • A CV or resume for the applicant outlining in detail education and employment history.
  • Copies of Tertiary qualifications and academic transcript (i.e. all the subjects the applicant passed as part of their course).
  • Evidence of relevant employment experience, usually in the form of written references.
  • For at least 2 years to meet the basic requirements of the visa.
  • If the applicant is applying on the basis of experience, provide evidence of at least the number of years of experience required by the ANZSCO classification for the occupation.
  • Birth certificates showing both parents for biological children.
  • A positive skills assessment if this required (generally the occupations Program and Project Administrator, Specialist Managers not elsewhere classified, and some trade occupations for some passport holders). Skills assessments must be:
  • Valid (i.e. within the validity period listed on the skills assessment itself, or no older than three years old).
  • Appropriate for the TSS visa.


If health examinations are required, health check completed at an approved panel doctor, completed within the last 12 months. Check the information on our Health Requirement for Australian Visas page to see if the applicant will need to complete a health check.


Police checks from every country of residence for a period of 12 months or more over the last 10 years (may not be required for applicants being sponsored by Accredited Sponsors). More information can be found at our Character Requirement for Australian visas page.

Licensing and registration

If licensing or registration is required to work in an occupation in Australia, evidence that the applicant is eligible.

Family members

  • Evidence each person is a member of the family unit:
  • Marriage certificate (if legally married).
  • Evidence of de facto relationship for at least 6 months if not married (i.e. shared financial commitment, shared cohabitation).
  • Birth certificates showing both parents for biological children.
  • Custody documents for non-biological children.
  • Family members do not need to provide evidence of English.
  • Family members may also be required to complete health checks.
  • Family members over the age of 16 must provide police checks (as above).

Visa Application - Specific Medium-Term Stream Requirements


 Documents and evidence required


Evidence the primary visa holder meets the English requirement – more information about this can be found on our Medium-Term Stream English Requirement page

Visa Application - Specific Short-Term Stream Requirements


 Documents and evidence required


Evidence the primary visa holder meets the English requirement – more information about this can be found on our Short-Term Stream English Requirement page.

Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement

You generally only need to worry about this requirement if this is the second 2-year TSS application in the Short-Term Stream for the same applicant, in the same occupation. If this is the case, the employer should attach a short note explaining why the second period is required (i.e. contracts to be fulfilled, business expansion, difficulty recruiting for the role) and evidence to support the statements in the letter (i.e. evidence of recruitments efforts and business growth).

Our many years of experience means we understand how the Department of Immigration, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and other decision-makers analyse applications; we understand where they exercise discretions and where they will not. We know which strategies work and which don’t. We know which information to provide, and which to ignore.

We also have access to resources and information outside the reach of the general public. As such, we know the difference between the law and what DIBP says is the law. When DIBP puts out a statement on their website, we know what they really mean. And when DIBP publishes a checklist, our lawyers know how to read between the lines.

Our experience and expertise means that we are often in a position to help people who, based on poor advice or inadequate representation, might otherwise have assumed their case is hopeless.